I’m Saskia, a journalist and communications expert based in Cologne / Germany. As project manager for an online-driven awareness raising campaign at German NGO FEMNET, I combine my passion for sustainability and women’s rights with my experience in non-profit public relations and tailor-made campaigns.

Work now and then

From August 2015 until June 2020, I was press representative of the Catholic Women’s Association of Germany (kfd), the country’s largest organisation of female Catholics (400,000 members strong). I then spent six months in philanthropy / marketing with UNICEF Germany.

It makes me feel old to admit that I have 20+ years experience in non-profit communications and journalism, a „Magister“ (~ M.A.) in Anthropology, diploma in Sustainable Development Cooperation and more ideas for useful things to do than time.

German by birth, cosmopolitan at heart

I am based in Cologne now after ten years abroad (England, Sweden, Romania, Austria). Shorter professional assignments took me to Peru and Rwanda. Guess it helps that I speak eight languages at different levels of proficiency.

What I enjoy

In my spare time, you will most likely find me volunteering as host for a runclub (PM me if you want to join! It’s free and fun) or on my yoga mat. Oh, and I have three bicycles. Yes, 3.

Please also get in touch via Linkedin for further information.